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Cooking with Master Chefs, which features Julia visiting celebrated chefs in their own kitchens throughout the country, airs on PBS. One of the 16 episodes, featuring Lidia Bastianich, is nominated for a 1994 Emmy Award. Other chefs include Emeril Lagasse, Jacques Pépin, and Alice Waters. Cooking with Master Chefs, companion book to the TV show, is [...]



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On the occasion of her 80th birthday, Julia attends countless parties in her honor, including large tributes in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and at home in Cambridge.



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Julia Child's Menu Cookbook, combining the complete texts of Julia Child & Company and Julia Child & More Company in hardcover, is published.



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Believing that the field of gastronomy is worthy of serious study, Julia and Jacques Pépin, chef and cookbook author, work with Boston University to launch a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree in Gastronomy – a unique, multidisciplinary program that encompasses the arts, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences.



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Julia's tome, The Way to Cook, which represents the accumulation of her French training and thirty years of cooking in America, is published. Editor Judith Jones explains, "Julia was always very open to new ideas, products, equipment, and attitudes and embraced the ones that she believed in. The Way to Cook is made up of so [...]



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Julia completes 6 one-hour instructional videos entitled The Way to Cook with publisher Knopf, which share the same title as her 1989 cookbook but are not related. The Way to Cook DVD is released December, 2009.



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Twenty years after the debut of The French Chef, Julia films Dinner At Julia's. Each program includes a "gathering" sequence, filmed at various locations in California, in which Julia goes to the source for an ingredient. Each episode culminates around a dinner party hosted in Santa Barbara. Guest chefs attend, including James Beard. The show runs [...]



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Julia begins a monthly cooking column for Parade Magazine, which, says editor Judith Jones, was "perfect because it wasn't elitist. Julia wanted to bring her message to the average home cook and make that person a better cook. She was able to reach people all over America." She would continue the column through 1986.



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Julia, Robert Mondavi, and Richard Graff establish The American Institute of Wine & Food in San Francisco with the ambitious mission "to advance the understanding, appreciation and quality of wine and food."



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Julia begins regular appearances on ABC's Good Morning America, which continue through the '80s. The three-minute segments would set the stage for a new era of cooking on television. In 1985, Julia traveled to Italy for GMA, filming a five-part series celebrating Italian food and culture, "Julia Child in Italy." The series was so successful - [...]